The Ballyhoo Foxtrot Orchestra and the Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra are available for:

  • Concerts (indoor and outdoor)
  • Festivals
  • Parties and receptions
  • Dances
  • Corporate presentations and awards ceremonies

The bands will travel to perform throughout Iowa and into adjoining states.


Both bands will work with clients to fulfill special musical requests insofar as is possible. Whether an additional fee will need to be negotiated depends upon the nature and scope of the request.


Fees vary, depending upon the nature and duration of the event, travel involved, hotel accommodations (if necessary) and special requests.

When budgets do not permit hiring the full ensemble, smaller (and less expensive) combos can be extracted from either band. While the combos play many of the same songs as the full ensembles, they cannot perform the elaborate arrangements of the larger ensembles.


The Ballyhoo Foxtrot Orchestra is a member of the Iowa Arts Council's Performing Artist Roster.

For more information about booking these bands, contact John Benoit at

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