Have you recently enjoyed a performance by the Ballyhoo Foxtrot Orchestra or the Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra and would like to know when our next performances will be?

Did you miss a performance by one of the bands because you learned of it only after the fact?

Have you accidently stumbled upon a performance by one of the bands and wish to avoid making the same mistake again in the future?

Do you have a legal claim against one of the band members and need to serve him with court papers?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you should join the BFO/SVJO Notification Service so that you will receive timely announcements of upcoming performances by the bands. This service is absolutely free and entails no obligation on your part.

"How does the BFO/SVJO Notification Service work?"


You send us an email indicating your desire to subscribe the service. Our highly-dedicated mail room staff will waste no time processing your request. Within a couple of days, you should receive a reply confirming that you have been added to the service.


The mail room then forwards your name and email address to our Filing Department. There, your information is stored for future use in one of the most scientific and efficient filing systems to be employed by a modern business enterprise.


Approximately two to three weeks before one of the bands gives a public performance, the Public Relations staff prepares a dispatch that includes everything that you’ll want to know about the upcoming event.


At the same time, the staff in the Filing Department are instructed to begin pulling the email addresses of all the subscribers to the Notification Service.


The PR dispatch and the email addresses are forwarded simultaneously to our Computing Division. Within minutes, the industrious staff of the typing pool begin sending out email notices about the upcoming performance to each subscriber of the Notification Service. The entire process requires fewer than five hours and can be initiated at any time day or night – an organizational feat that is the envy of major corporations and that has attracted the interest of more than one distinguished American college of business.


Our files are entirely confidential. Names and email addresses are not shared with any other party for any other purpose. The next time that irksome door-to-door salesman shows up on your porch, you can rest assured that he was not sent to you by us.


Should you ever wish to cancel your subscription to the BFO/SVJO Notification Service, then simply send us an email stating your desire to cancel. We will immediately remove your information from our files and see that it is properly disposed of.

Last update: March 29, 2009

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